The basic vehicle Opel Vivaro and its technical body guidelines allow a great flexibility of the vehicle modules. Furthermore, the product of DESLAB GmbH has a flexible tool-change-system to quickly change the modular equipment as needed. Eine speziell für das Produkt A special control software, specifically developed for the product of DESLAB, mapped out in a separate control unit enables the new E-components to operate with the existing 12-volt system.The fact that, from the very beginning, the product of DESLAB was completely and physically recalculated lead it to be appropriate for trailer operation too. The chosen engine as well as the developed gearbox ensure / guarantee the tensile force of 1200 KG.In addition, the product is designed for use in Smart Home, Smart Factory and for online maintenance/diagnostics as well.

Transporter up to 3.5 tons Incl. passenger vehicles

  • Packet delivery services (e.g. Hermes, UPS, DHL, DPD)
  • Craftsmen (e.g. electricians, painters, plumbers, etc.)
  • Social services (e.g. food on wheels, Red Cross)
  • Transport services (e.g. inner-city distribution of goods)
  • Municipal utilities, municipalities (e.g. including service and cleaning vehicles)
  • Airports (e.g. crew transporter, luggage service)
  • Private users (e.g. private consumptions Kombi
  • Taxi services (passenger transport up to 8 passengers)

Leisure vehicles

  • Private users of Caravans
  • Private users of mobile homes
  • Rental of leisure vehicles


  • Sales vehicles (e.g. market vehicles)
  • Event vehicles (e.g. presentation vehicles for trade fairs)
  • Emergency vehicles (e.g. THW, Red Cross, fire brigade)

Trailer and semi-trailers vehicles:

  • Craftsmen (e.g. electricians, painters, plumbers, etc.)
  • Sales trailers (e.g. market vehicles)
  • Event trailers (e.g. presentation vehicles for trade fairs)
  • Transport services (e.g. e.g. inner-city distribution of goods)
  • Social services (e.g. Red Cross)
  • Municipal works, municipalities (e.g. transport trailers for garden equipment)
  • Private users (e.g. private consumptions, transport trailers)