The challenge

It is well-known that electric vehicles increasingly prevail due to latest developments in the engine and battery technology, however the objectives of the Federal Government for 2020 1,000,000 registered electric vehicles have by far not been achieved. An important reason for the lack of the required registration numbers is that the acceptance of electromobility as the most environmentally friendly way of mobility has not yet reached this level of political, environmental and economic perspective. This is to some extent due to that only few people have had the opportunity to experience the current performance of electric vehicles in daily use. A successful use of the current available vehicles is limited to niche applications and a few private users who use electric vehicles for idealism and environmental reasons. In the future, however, the market for electric vehicles, including by legal requirements, the greatly reduced pollutant values of gasoline and diesel vehicles and the sometimes already existing driving bans in large cities, will increase abruptly. It is also advantageous that this market relates not only to the division of passenger cars, but also to the market of light and heavy commercial vehicles, special vehicles as well as recreational vehicles. To meet this market and at the same time offer a product with a very high and diverse user group, not only the founders themselves but also renowned institutions and associations see the opportunity for new businesses, which will only be positioned on the market with the new innovative and environmentally conscious types of drive.

The solution

A vehicle multiple benefits

The aim of our development is the multiple use of a small Truck for semitrailers / modules such. Event modules, etc., as transporters with different charging systems.This is a new approach to electromobility. Due to a simple change system, the towing vehicle can be provided in a very short time with a different structure and can therefore be used in many ways. For example, as a van with open or closed box.

The next expansion stage is a modular system as a living trailer … find out more

If you do not use the camper trailer, the battery in the camper can be used as a storage for the smart home, suitable for PV and / or wind turbine … learn more

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