Founded in September 2016

The founding of our company by Jochen Trocha and Heinz Schneider in October 2016 is based on a two-year private development phase of a multifunctional electric vehicle.

By declaring that our project has reached a stage that makes completion with purely private commitment impossible, we decided to set up Deslab.

New office in Trebur-Astheim 2018

In March 2018, DESLAB moves into its new office in Trebur-Astheim.

Relocation of DESLAB 2019 to Rüsselsheim

In January 2019, DESLAB moves into its new office in Rüsselsheim and, with Anke Hollmann as new CFO, expands the area of finance.

Opening of the DESLAB Innovation Center in June 2019 in Enge – Sande

In June 2019, DESLAB is expanding as part of the GTC to Enge – Sande to ensure the further development of the ELKW variants.

eLKW – Bully as a transport vehicle for batteries, which is used as a power storage (energy movers)

eLKW – Bully as garbage truck for municipalities

eLKW – IC Delivery vehicle for fresh service

eLKW – Bully variant with fifth wheel